Montreal author Kindellan-Sheehan's The Wrong Move is a hit, a powerful police procedural that demonstrates craftsmanship, insight and a vivid range of emotional responses to the stressful storyline of crime, deceit and resolution.

David Graves - Canadian Mysteries


John Ternahan foresees an affluent future as a highpowered executive. He has it all: a million-dollar house in trendy Bloor West Village, memberships at the best Toronto clubs, a summer cottage on Lake Rosseau, expensive cars and a beautiful family. A firm believer in power and privilege, he has not noticed the effect that life in Toronto has had on his wife, JoAnn. And then a neighbourhood babysitter goes missing...


READ MORE... after Ternahan drives her home. In the wake of the girl’s disappearance, a simple cell phone breaks into the lives of everyone it touches. Ternahan’s life and the staid West Village are rocked by betrayals, secrets, revenge and murder. The Wrong Move brings Kindellan-Sheehan’s bestselling Caitlin Donovan series to Canada’s largest metropolis – all the while sticking to its roots: good storytelling, compelling and realistic characters and suspense.


Changing to a warm-up suit and sneakers, Jo felt her legs shake on the stairs. Why was she doing this? Demeaning herself? For what? Heartbreak, dissolution of her marriage? Why not live a lie, deceive herself, shelter herself within the perks? Why volunteer for the sharp jab of deception? Why not set out for revenge? Jo knew the answer. She hated to lose, but she had to find out the score. Fury drove her to grab her keys from the mantle and creep into her black SUV. Jo did not turn on the lights or close her door until she was on the road. She drove very slowly, hesitantly, as though she was carrying a live grenade on the leather seat beside her. Her eyes stung for what she was doing to herself. She had joined the ranks of many a broken woman who had driven down just such a path. Even if she turned back now, nothing would change the fact that she had gone out hunting for her husband.



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