When eight-year-old Justin Henley, heir to the Henley fortune, drowns in the family pool while in the care of his father, anguish and a ferocious need for vengeance erupt.

             READ MORE... Jessie Henley does not accuse her husband of negligence - she accuses him of murder with intent. The devastating loss of his only grandson spurs her father, magnate Douglas Henley, to use all his power and influence in the investigation. He questions the physicians who called the TOD, he challenges the chief coroner, he demands the best detectives for the case and he privately hires a retired cop. A boy who swam like a fish doesn’t drown in the shallow end of his own salt water pool.



Robert didn’t take his eyes from the barrel of the revolver. His body was slippery with sweat. Nothing but the barrel and the hand that levelled it at him crossed his mind. Not the idea of a lunge that might save his life, not the hidden money in Belize, no life flashes, no bargains and no regrets. There was a discordant look to Jessie’s beautiful hand holding the Smith & Wesson. He’d seen that hand extended in reception lines and ruffling Justin’s hair. It didn’t seem right. He tried to focus his mind on dying, but it stuck to the sight of her hand. Jessie spread her feet apart. ‘Your son deserves the truth. I promise that no one but you and I will ever know it.’ Her voice crackled with contempt. Robert didn’t flinch. ‘I’ve never been much good with the truth. Our life was a lie.’ Each word, caught in the space between them, seemed distilled, full of the import of a dying declaration. There was no time for comfort or treachery. ‘May I stand, Jessie? I don’t want to die sitting in a chair.’ ‘Hurry.’ Jessie jerked in a sudden shiver. The last seconds rushed away from him.




Sheila Kindellan-Sheehan
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