Montrealers Carmen and Caitlin are finally ready for another vacation in Florida, but Miami may be even more dangerous than it was during their last trip. Caitlin’s fiancé, Mike, is already there for work. While waiting for the duo at a posh new development, he makes a connection with...


        READ MORE... one of the complex’s permanent residents – a Hispanic beauty whose family is well known to police. After Mike survives a harrowing experience of his own, he becomes convinced that the husband of his new female friend has a double operating within the high-security building. Is Mike imagining things? Or is a major crime happening right under their noses?     



Mike was only a few feet away from the couple when he saw them. ‘Well, there you are!  Where’s the Ferrari?’ He would never have admitted he was concerned. Mike hadn’t looked at Ponytail. His eyes were on Felicia. Nerves in the back of his neck grew warm when he saw Ponytail, but it was too late.

He stepped into Mike and drove his blade high into his chest. Mike hadn’t seen the knife, but instinctively, he backed away as he was stabbed. Breath burst from his mouth. Surprise and shock forced him to fall slowly to his side, clutching his chest. He looked at his hand and saw blood and brought it back quickly to the wound. He began gasping on the cement floor.

‘Forget about him. Get in the goddamn car. No, in the driver’s seat. I’ll have the knife against your ribs till we get to the bank. Don’t fucking try anything! Damn!’ His tongue had been cut on the tooth again.

Mike watched them leave, but they seemed to be far away. Breath was all he could think of – then all he wanted to do was breathe. He sucked air in and pushed it out. His head felt light, then dizzy. He looked longingly at the door leading into the lobby. His shoulders felt light – he needed to lie down and rest before he tried to make it to the door. When he saw blood seeping through his fingers, he began to crawl to the door. Every movement caused blood to gush from the wound. Where is everybody?


Sheila Kindellan-Sheehan
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