“... An Easy Mark is a solid outing for Kindellan-Sheehan, who so clearly loves the western Montreal neighbourhoods that serve as its backdrop. Caitlin Donovan makes a strong amateur detective, with the help of loyal sidekick Carmen DiMaggio, although one can't help but wish her better luck after the string of calamities she has suffered. But however bright and sensible Caitlin seems, it's almost certain she'll end up again in the thick of some fresh disaster.”

Layla Dabby, Montreal Gazette


Caitlin Donovan wants to teach – and since her appointment as a professor at Concordia University that dream has been coming true. Teaching is rewarding, but exposes her to stressed out students desperate to do well. When a student approaches her with a brazen proposal...

READ MORE... she learns how far some students are willing to go. Then a professor is murdered on campus, another is brutally assaulted and the secret lives of Caitlin’s seemingly conservative colleagues begin to unravel. Are all these events linked? Suspicion and fear quickly spread – further unsettling Caitlin and bringing back memories of the Fabrikant murders. No one feels safe… An Easy Mark is a multi-faceted whodunnit and a follow-up to Kindellan-Sheehan’s bestselling Cutting Corners and The Sands Motel.



‘You’re a chiselling little cheat!’ ‘I made the goddamn grades! I didn’t cheat! You would have ruined me if you’d had the chance. You even had me tagged for murder, for Christ’s sake! Murder!’ Caitlin lost complete control. ‘I’m not convinced you didn’t murder Professor Vitali.’ Leary began gesturing from the shoulders in the adolescent jock mode. ‘One of your own guys did her! Don’t you read the papers? What’s wrong with you?’ Kevin kicked over two desks. Caitlin didn’t budge. There was no chance to get to her cell. She could see it on the desk. In a voice shredded with fright and etched with venom, she hissed, ‘Get out of here before all your great marks don’t mean a damn.’ Leary matched her anger. ‘You owe me an apology! Do you hear me? I want you to apologize before I leave. What you think about me is bullshit.’ ‘I saw you, Kevin; I saw what you’re capable of both times you lay in wait and taunted me as I left for the day. I know you, Kevin.’ ‘You’re full of shit!’ ‘Is that what you did? Tried to shake Gina down and she blew you off?’ ‘You need help, you know that, bitch.’ Kevin grabbed the disk and broke it. ‘Get out.’ The order was whispered. ‘You going to make me, Miss?’ The taunt was enough to force Caitlin to make a mistake she’d regret. She stood her ground, charged Leary and jabbed her finger hard into his breastbone. Caitlin had not ever made an aggressive move toward anyone in her life. Kevin winced and took a step back. The move stunned him only for a second. In the next instant, he had Caitlin pinned in a hammerlock. Slowly, he bent them both to their knees until Caitlin’s cheek was sideways on the floor. ‘I swore no other person would ever lay a hand on me,’ Kevin spit into her ear. ‘I’ll settle the debt with my father in good time. Right now, Miss, don’t move an inch or I’ll head-butt you.’



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